Camelias | Antonio Serrano

Madame Coco and her obsession with camellias, which was inspired by Dumas’ work and the mark the attendance at The Lady of the Camellias performance left on a young Coco, led her to take this flower as a symbol of refinement and ambiguity. This attribute went on to be subsequently part of the brand developement and made it apparent on nearly every collection.

Not only has she been a beacon, but also Max Bill’s geometry of the infinite polygonal spiral, as well as his sequences on the plane, continuity, developement and invention as key words of his work of 15 variations.
All of this has been retrieved in order to offer this set of four matte colours steel plate trays that remind us the camellias and bring us closer to the memory of our objects.

Bisel collection

Bisel | Mario Ruiz

Very simple collection of wooden trays built from a bevelled profile that makes them easy to handle and pile up one on top of the other creating groupings of functional elements and also creating different combinations from a volumetric point of view.