The words, ‘To design is to discern and know which solutions new objects suggest to you’  are central to the philosophy of Antonio Serrano Bulnes, creative director and designer of Mad Lab. The connection with the value of the material with what is made from this material anchors us  to the essence of our being.

Technology is key to the conception and manufacture of our products.  Our pieces might look hand-crafted but CNC technology is integral to their creation,  even if it’s not visible.

Wood as a raw material is fascinating, it exists in silence and brings warmth. It evokes the legend of the ‘tree of life’, where the four elements— air, earth, water and fire — converge. For this reason, it’s a material that, thanks to its different species,  offers unique qualities that connect us to the essence of being human.

We do things with eagerness because that’s the way to reach our dreams and to be able to share them with the world. Work inspire us and show us the flow of life, of emotions, it strengthen us and make us greater.

Mad Lab is a Madrid-based design company committed to innovation and good design,  both in terms of objects and a lifestyle. It started his activity in January 2012 with Antonio Serrano and Mar López.