Prehistoric birds or graceful sparrows; seagulls in the sea or migratory birds. Adventure partners that fly with us when looking at them, that turn into the birds of our dream flight.


These creatures of heavy and slow bearing, come with us as loyal company along our path, looking for a new reality to inhabit in our inner selves.


Wether it is a whale or a cachalot, its slow and weightless appearance freezes the moment on its presence. Its strange closeness confuses us, taking us immediately to cold and remote seas where to find, again, a personal and non-transferable place.

Designed by Made Studio

This collection is an exercise of abstraction and total synthesis. A journey to our inner selves where we can find a universe of elemental figures and symbols that -in an almost magical way- are set up to build an object that comes alive and makes us smile. A total depuration of ornaments that pretends to take everything that is meaningless from the object.
In the context of excess in which we are living, Animalmood uses discretion, silence and expression on its most precise manifestation with the aim to evoke emotions. They contribute from the intangible, recurring to our memory and our imagination to belong to our most personal reality. A collection of abstractions that, to some, are friendly animals to share our journey with.