Babel | Eli Gutiérrez

This collection is a tower of boxes that grows vertically and horizontally. Taking the construction principle of “batten”, we start a construction game, a sequence of graphic elements to keep your most precious ítems.
Its modular and flexible elements creates a symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions where every detail matters even the eye caught detail in the rigurous cut and assembly of the boards that gives the streght and the graphic feeling.


Doghe | Eli Gutiérrez

Doghe as well as its name indicates, is the set of each of the wooden elements «lists» that give shape to a single object. Rethinking the traditional construction of the bread boxes and taking as a starting point this constructive principle, Doghe is born as the sequencing and alternation of the same element creating a graphic game of lights and shadows with different wood essences.



Arkhifactory | Vicent Martínez

In his sculptures «Arkhitektons», Malevich pretended to prove that the eternal laws of architecture lie always beneath the changing needs of the utility.
The «Arkhifactory» chests recall the architecture of the Russian Constructivist factories.



Polígonos | Héctor Serrano

Polígonos is a collection of polygonal boxes of 8, 10 and 12 sides made of solid oak wood and with lids in satin lacquer, each of them in a different colour, conferring thus a mysterious tranquility, a hidden balance where the silence of the objects that we keep lies in wait.




Hipped | Sohei Arao

Seen from a bird’s-eye view, houses below would be characterized by the roofs. Small roofs create a town on top of your desk.

Bisel | Mario Ruiz

Collection of different sized trays and little boxes that can be used as accessories on the work desk as well as in the kitchen or bathroom.
The mirror is designed for the dressing table or bathroom worktop, consisting of the same concept as the Bisel Trays that incorporate a mirror that can be used separately.



Summer Houses | Héctor Serrano

Summer Houses is a collection of boxes which are formally three archetypical house models. They are made in solid ash wood with roofs of steel sheet with an oven-cured finish.