Motormood by Made Studio

This collection can be defined as signs, as symbols and also as icons shapes; they are objects that carry messages and history coming from distant places.
The collection of miniature vehicles transport us to our childhood.


Workmood by Made Studio

Designed by Made Studio
An ode to the construction, the universe of creation from a pure visceral point of view. Daily life elements we found in the cities frequently seen as raw and big bodies, now transformed into abstract and purified objects.
Its natural environment comes with noise, chaos and a hint of chaos sometimes. Now they turn into small scale vehicles that will join us in our personal moments, at home.

Airportmood by Made Studio

Is a journey to where some of our greatest adventures take off, the airport. An exercise of abstraction to remind us our curious and explorer side. A collection of soulful and personal objects designed to fly all the way from our deepest dreams to finally land into our own home.


Collection of miniature transports