Because… we’re enthusiasts

Every object tells a story, stories of entrepreneurship, design, craft and technology.
More importantly they tell stories about those who made their own, knew how to look after them and dreamed of them being given as presents to loved ones or passed on as a cherished legacy to their heirs.

Our soul objects have a magical quality; they’re also decorative and aren’t concerned with mere functionality. Instead, they’re the perfect way to nourish the soul, our hopes and most ancient dreams.

Heritable objects

The collection of objects is determined by singular pieces of diverse functionality and strong symbolic character. The main feature of our collections is that are well made, well manufactured. We’re all for reclaiming the long-lasting object — the heirloom — as opposed to ones with built-in obsolescence.

Memories objects

Our memory hides all the references that once left a great mark on us. Objects and events that have had in some manner an impact on us in our taste and love for some objects, smells or situations; this is how mankind tends to value and repeat everything learnt in childhood.This collection pretends to release from the oblivion and review our most valuated things and bring them into the current context of the 21st century.