New collection by Alejandra Gandía Blasco


New collection by Alejandra Gandía Blasco

Mad Lab develops and produces unique objects created by outstanding designers



Mad Lab studies methods and techniques that are hardly ever employed nowadays, re-inventing joints and assemblies of the different parts that make up an object this supposes a qualitative leap in the use of materials and techniques some of which have been recuperated such as inlays, resulting in a set of objects that offer a different look where the quality and craftsmanship are there for all to see.

Our products are characterised for bringing together high digital technology and great craftsmanship, which gives the product an unquestionable quality.


Our collections combine a contemporary and timeless aesthetic where simple forms, proportions and textures are experimented with, but always keeping the raw materials as their focus.

Memories Objects Collection

Our memory hides all the references that once left a great mark on us. Objects and events that have had in some manner an impact on us in our taste and love for some objects, smells or situations; this is how mankind tends to valueand repeat everything learnt in childhood.
The collection of Memories Objects is determined by singular pieces of diverse functionality and strong symbolic character with a point of view of the 21st century.




We have our own laboratory where test us the colections.
We value the process of acquiring knowledge by trial and error, as a way of gaining the know-how which can then be communicated to third parties.
Technology is key to the conception and manufacture of our products. Our pieces might look hand-crafted but CNC technology is integral to their creation,  even if it’s not visible.