A Imagined Reality Exhibition
7 February 2019 – 30 September 2019

We have brought together a series of objects where the constant is Imagined Reality; a way of seeing reality through the objects of our memory, whereby, ideas, utopias and realities of the look of our designers and the culture that we put into the making of the objects flow together.
This collection that we have denominated «Imagined Reality» has been developed for over a year studying methods and techniques that are hardly ever employed nowadays, others have presented us with the challenge of re-inventing joints and assemblies of the different parts that make up an object and supposed a qualitative leap in the use of materials and techniques some of which were recuperated such as inlay, resulting in a set of objects that offers a different look where the quality and craftsmanship are there for all to see. Our products are characterised for bringing together high digital technology and great craftsmanship, which gives the product an unquestionable quality.